Race & Racism at the University of Richmond

Race & Racism at the University of the Richmond is an interdisciplinary, community-based project providing online access to selected archival resources housed at Virginia Baptist Historical Society, Rare Books & Special Collections at the University of Richmond, and The Collegian Newspaper Archive. This site was formerly titled "Digital Memory & the Archive," after the University of Richmond classes tasked with building content for this site. This site is home to those class collections, exhibits, podcasts, and resources. Additional information about the Project, programming, and related work can be found on the Project blog.

Recently Added Items

Richmond Times-Dispatch


This article explains the death of Esau Brooks. Brooks, a black man, was the equipment manager and trainer at the University of Richmond. He was…

Letter from James E. Wood to George Modlin and Reply

Baylor and Uof R correspondance.pdf

This entry includes a letter from Professor James E. Wood, Professor of Religious Studies at Baylor University, to the former President of the…

Letter from George G. Iggers to Ryland O. Reamy and Replies


This document contains correspondence from Richmond College alumni in response to an Alumni Fund call for donations in 1963. One alum, George G.…