Race & Racism at the University of Richmond

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This president report is a combination of both University College and the Junior College. It hosts statistics, and other information about both schools. Junior College in its second year had 293 students and University College had 4,513 including…

This residence report shows the percent of students that came from different locations for each school in the University of Richmond. For University College, 94.3% of its students came from Richmond, 5.6% were from elsewhere in Virginia.

This report introduces the new faculty members appointed to University College. Most of the new faculty were teaching business courses.

This report on University College highlights the faculty that were hired that year. It also includes the Dean of University College, Martin L. Shotzberger's involvement within the city.

This President's Report introduces the new faculty members to University College including both fulltime and part time instructors. Professors from a wide variety of departments joined the University College staff including Psychology, History, and…

This report was University President George M. Modlin's 22nd annual report. It shows that University College had 1,909 students in 1967-1968 and Junior College had 451 students enrolled. The report also shows enrollment statistics for the other…

This report shows the books that University College acquired in 1967. University College received over 2,509 volumes total, some by purchase and others as gifts.

The first report on University College introduces Dr. Martin L. Shotzberger as Dean of University College. The article also includes Dr. Shotzberger's qualifications and involvement within the community.

This report features a list of names of the new faculty for University College. The report also gives a blurb on the Dean of University College, it says that he was chairman of the Richmond Regional Council for Continuing Education and that he was a…

This report on University College introduces the new faculty that were hired that year. Only one part-time professor was hired, and the other faculty hired were from a wide range of departments.
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