Race & Racism at the University of Richmond

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The article is a book review about a piece written by John Steinback called "Grapes of Wrath". Towards the end of the article Cotten mentions a new book he read called "Native Son". He did not mention the author and referred to him as "Negro". He…

A short love story about a native American named Wakanika and the chief's daughter. The story is set in the time "before the coming of the "White Gods", which can be understood as before North America was colonized. This story romanticizes Native…

This article describes the lecture series planned by The Philologian and Mu Sigma Literary Organizations on campus. The lectures featured a talk by Tom Herndon on "Negro Superstition."

The article describes how Professor of Dramatics Alton Williams how a minor role played by two African-American actors was important to the plot of the popular play, "Petrified Forest."

The article makes an announcement about a program of spiritual songs and services happening on campus. The Pop section is referred to as a "Negro Spiritual" with no credit given to the artist or the group.
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