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Planning Report of Westhampton College History Department

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Planning Report of Westhampton College History Department


This Annual Report for the Westhampton College History Department was submitted towards the end of the 1970-1971 academic year. The department appreciated the cooperation, efficiency, and diversity that came along with the newfound partnership with the Richmond College History Department. The students believed that the teaching was "effective" and that teachers seemed to be invested in their learning experience. However, some believed that the assignments and tests were too long. To be an educated person, they believed that students should graduate with a basic knowledge of the "history of western civilization." The report explained how there had been a revolution in the teaching of history, and that the University of Richmond was behind. With this, faculty members suggested the following additions in the fall of 1969: American Urban History, Latin American History, History of India, Middle East History, The Immigrant in American History, and Black Studies. The department saw the distinct value in women majoring in history because they believed the degree set the women apart in the job market. They saw the need to increase the size of the department and to find a way to keep the Asian studies courses. The student committee for this department made recommendations for Westhampton College admissions officers to recruit students to "achieve a more diversified body". The report concludes with a summary of their recommendations.


Planning Report of Westhampton College History Department, 30 April 1971, RG 6.2.4. Box 17 Folder 5, University Archives, Virginia Baptist Historical Society.









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