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Editorial "Censored"

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Editorial "Censored"


This editorial, "Censored," was published in The Collegian on May 17 1968, by an unnamed author. It was written in reference to a decision made by the Board of Publications, the newspaper's publisher, to not allow The Collegian to publish a sex morality survey. Voicing The Collegian's opinion, the author wrote that they believed that two of the Board's reasons--that it is not The Collegian's purpose to create news and the questions were not formulated properly--were invalid, but agreed that they may not have conducted the survey correctly. The author questions the Board's reason for censoring The Collegian and addressed the concern that the survey could be harmful to the university; they wrote that it is important to "face life as it is" and not "bury our heads in the sand." Addressing the Board's concerns, the author wrote that the newspaper did not create the situations in the survey since illegal drug use and premarital sex existed on the campus and elsewhere for many years, and claimed that their audience may be interested in their findings; in addition, the questions were taken from the College of William and Mary's survey, which was created with the sociology department's help. In regards to the concern that the survey was not conducted correctly, the author claimed that they would have prefaced the article with the survey's shortcomings and that the Board should have consulted the newspaper before making its decision. The author hoped that "the precedent of censorship in this instance will never be used again."


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