Race & Racism at the University of Richmond

Letter from Dewey E. Dodds to E. Bruce Heilman

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Letter from Dewey E. Dodds to E. Bruce Heilman


This October 28, 1980 letter is from Dewey E. Dodds, Director of the Office for Civil Rights Region III for the Department of Education, and is addressed to University of Richmond President Dr. Bruce E. Heilman. The letter acknowledges the receipt of an October 15, 1980, letter from University counsel, Eva Tashjian-Brown, describing the structural "modifications the University has implemented to achieve compliance with the civil rights laws." Dodds writes that the Office for Civil Rights will continue to monitor the "changes cited in the letter of October 15, 1980," the projected Spring, 1981 completion of a new wing in the Law School, and the implementation and effectiveness of all other agreements. Tashjian-Brown is identified as the liaison between the Office of Civil Rights and the University modification process. Under the Freedom of Information Act, this document was to be available if needed for public inquiry. Dodds directs Heilman to contact the Director of the OCR Postsecondary Education Division, Robert Harvey, for any assistance. Tashjian-Brown and the McGuire, Woods & Battle law firm are copied on the letter. The letter is signed in Dodds's behalf by Harvey.


Letter from Dewey E. Dodds to E. Bruce Heilman, 28 October 1980, RG 6.2.5 Box 25 Folder 5 “U.S. Government - HEW - Civil Rights "Compliance Review" (April 1979), University Archives, Virginia Baptist Historical Society.










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