Race & Racism at the University of Richmond

Letter from Eloise Severinson to George M. Modlin

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Letter from Eloise Severinson to George M. Modlin


This document is a letter written to President George M. Modlin from Dr. Eloise Severinson, the Regional Civil Rights Director of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW), in regards to whether the University of Richmond was in compliance with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Through investigation, HEW felt as though the university could use some suggestions as to how to further implement the equality that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 calls for. Dr. Severinson then lists her recommendations, among which include publicizing to the black community in Richmond and the state of Virginia that they have an equal education opportunity policy, attempting to recruit black athletes, and encouraging college campus visits from black high school students. Dr. Severinson then goes on to write that HEW “[expects] to make a routine contact with the University of Richmond in approximately one year” and request to see records of predominantly black high schools contacted by the University, records of black student groups invited to tour the University, and records that black athletes were contacted and interviewed.


Letter from Dr. Eloise Severinson to Dr. George M. Modlin, 22 March 1968, RG 6.2.5 Box 25 Folder 1, University Archives, Virginia Baptist Historical Society.









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