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Oral History with Barry Greene (R'72)

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Oral History with Barry Greene (R'72)


In this oral history interview, Barry Greene (R’72) sat down with Ayele d’Almeida (’20), Mysia Perry (’21), and Jacob Roberson (’19) on July 12, 2018, in Boatwright Memorial Library. Over the course of the one hour and forty minute interview, Greene discussed his high school experience at the Peddie School in New Jersey which prepared him for application and enrollment at the University of Richmond, his initial enrollment at the university and the realization that he was the only and the first black student to live in university dorms, the experiences he had socially and academically at the university, how university administration handled his presence on campus, the friendships he formed and some of the negative students reactions he experienced as the first black student living on campus, and the process through which he finally received recognition for his role forty years after his enrollment.

Barry Greene is from Richmond, Virginia. He grew up in the Fulton neighborhood, and attended Armstrong High School before starting his junior year at the Peddie School. After graduating with a B.S. in Biology from the University of Richmond in 1972, he worked in radio at WTVR while taking graduate business courses at Virginia Commonwealth University. He is currently a vice president at the Bank of America in Richmond.




This oral history is available for academic purposes--including but not limited to research by students, faculty, and staff--by permission from the interviewee (Barry Greene). The interviewee maintains the copyright, and must be contacted via the Race & Racism Project (urraceproject@gmail.com) for permissions for use outside of academic purposes.





Richmond (Va).

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Ayele d'Almeida
Mysia Perry
Jacob Roberson


Barry Greene


Boatwright Memorial Library Seminar Room 2
University of Richmond
28 Westhampton Way, Richmond, VA 23173



Date of Interview

July 12, 2018



“Oral History with Barry Greene (R'72),” Race & Racism at the University of Richmond, accessed November 18, 2018, http://memory.richmond.edu/items/show/2888.