Race & Racism at the University of Richmond

Article "Student Government Presidents See Changes Needed"

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Article "Student Government Presidents See Changes Needed"
Alumni Bulletin


Published in the 1971 spring Alumni Bulletin, this article summarizes an interview with Steve Nock, the new president of the Richmond College student government, and Nancy Benfield, the recently elected president of the Westhampton College student government. The article discusses the students' perspective on the need for changes on campus. Both Nock and Benfield explained that "they would like to see a unified student government representing all divisions of the university." Nock and Benfield spoke about the importance of administration, faculty, and students being represented in student government for a plurality of opinions. When discussing the future, Nock explained, “the school should be a well-balanced, integrated university, with good facilities and atmosphere." Both Benfield and Nock said that "the university should recruit more out of state students and more minority students."


"Student Government Presidents See Changes Needed," The Alumni Bulletin, Spring 1971, p.11.


Alumni Bulletin, University of Richmond


Spring 1971



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