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Westhampton's YWCA Is Involved

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Westhampton's YWCA Is Involved
Alumni Bulletin


Accompanying this article, published in the Winter 1971 Alumni Bulletin, is a photograph of Miss Irene Ebhomielen of Nigeria. Ebhomielen was one of the international students on the University of Richmond’s campus. She was able to attend the university partly because of the financial assistance of the Westhampton College YWCA. Miss Ebhomielen was the 15th student to come to the United States and Westhampton in the program’s 20-year history. The article mentions Ebhomielen’s ambitions of receiving a bachelor of arts degree and then going on to study for a master’s degree. The YWCA was led by Miss Jean Mahaffey, who stated that “The Westhampton students are very enthusiastic and energetic about being involved in community action projects.” Mahaffry also said, “The Westhampton women have a tremendous amount of insight and understanding into the human situation. They are looking for outlets through which to use their concern for humanity.”


"Westhampton YWCA is Involved" The Alumni Bulletin, Winter 1971, p.6-7.


Winter 1971


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