Race & Racism at the University of Richmond

Ruling Divides Opinion: The Racial Question

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Ruling Divides Opinion: The Racial Question
The Collegian


A letter to the editor of the Collegian signed by 250 students on campus in response to Eva Wong's disciplining following the Westhampton College Song Contest. Wong, invited a friend from Union Theological Seminary, who was a black student originally from the Congo, to the Song Contest. Wong was advised to get permission from university officials, which she was denied by the President. University President George Modlin referred to the university policy that wanted to keep "conditions similar to those in students' homes and churches...." Wong ignored this decision, and brought her friend anyway, resulting in her being placed on disciplinary probation. There was debate about whether this constituted actual racial discrimination. The University's official stance was to discipline Wong for defying university policy. The signed a letter in response stated that it was un-Christian of the university to ban a student of color, especially an "intelligent and well-mannered student of the Christian ministry," from attending events on the campus.


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March 29, 1963


Emeline Blevins, Team 2



The Collegian Newspaper Archive




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