Race & Racism at the University of Richmond

Article "B School Rejects Proposed Anti-Discrimination Policy"

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Article "B School Rejects Proposed Anti-Discrimination Policy"


In a 20-4 vote, the faculty of the E. Claiborne Robins School of Business rejects a motion passed by the Arts and Sciences Faculty recommending that “sexual orientation” be added to the University of Richmond’s anti-discrimination policy. The faculty of Arts and Sciences approved this recommendation on the condition that it attain further approval from the Business School, Law School, Administration, and Trustees before implementation. According to R. Clifton Poole, Dean of the Business School, the motion was born out of a discussion surrounding student discrimination in the ROTC program on campus, and that the motion concealed a “hidden agenda,” one that attempts to remove the ROTC program from campus. Joseph D. Harbaugh, dean of The T.C. Williams School of Law, disapproves of the recommendation, claiming he has “…no evidence that American business uses sexual orientation as an employment standard.” Without this evidence, he believes discrimination based on sexual orientation is not applicable to the policies of the American Association of Law Schools, which the school operates under. A member of the University of Richmond’s Lambda Coalition spoke about this motion, explaining that the organization does not wish for the removal of the ROTC program from campus, but instead pleads for a change in the homophobic policies of the Department of Defense.


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