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Obituary "Esau Brooks, 1895-1957"

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Obituary "Esau Brooks, 1895-1957"


This tribute to Esau "Eas" Brooks, an African American athletic trainer at Richmond, was featured in the 1957 Alumni Bulletin. Predeceased by his wife, Willie, Esau Brooks had passed away at the age of 62 in a house fire on Ridge Road. Ridge Road ran through the center of Ziontown, a historically black community about 1.5 miles northwest of campus. The tribute describes how meaningful Brooks was to the students, alumni, and other employees of the university. Brooks was remembered as someone who everyone asked for, and was described as having "hands that seemed to possess the magic of healing." He was described as "humble but never obsequious and he had a dignity that made him at home in any company." Brooks was remembered fondly, and this article relates his accomplishments and lasting contributions to the University. The memorial service for Brooks was held at his church, Mount Vernon Baptist Church, attended by "a host of friends, black and white."


"Esau Brooks." Alumni Bulletin Fall 1957: p 9. Print.


Alumni Bulletin, University of Richmond


Fall 1957



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Virginia Baptist Historical Society

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