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Dr. Modlin Calls Form On Integration 'Vague'

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Dr. Modlin Calls Form On Integration 'Vague'
The Collegian


The author of this Collegian article recounts an interview with University of Richmond President Dr. George M. Modlin about a 1966 questionnaire on Virginia college integration that the he declined to answer because he thought it contained vague questions. Modlin said he did not know whether the questionnaire--which was sent out from a local newspaper, the Richmond New Leader--was asking for the number of full-time black students or of black students who have just taken a class in certain divisions of the university. He also claimed to be unsure if the questionnaire wanted the date black students were first allowed to take courses at the university, which was "two or three" years earlier, or the date the university entirely removed its segregation policy, which was 1965. For these reasons, according to Modlin, the University of Richmond was one of six out of the 30 public and private colleges that received the questionnaire to not respond to it. The author noted that at the time of this article's publication no full-time black students were enrolled at the university.


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March 25, 1966


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