Race & Racism at the University of Richmond

To John Johnson

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To John Johnson
The Spider 1915


A yearbook page that includes a poem for John Johnson, the head of the janitorial staff at the University for 39 years. John Johnson was a beloved member of the University and was the oldest member of the community in terms of years of service. The poem was written while John Johnson was very sick at the age of eighty due to complications of age and general weakness. The poem honors John Johnson’s presence on campus and shows how much the University community admired him and would miss him when he is gone. The poem uses positive words and phrases to describe Johnson such as, “sunny smile” and “kindly eye” which show the compassion the students felt towards John Johnson. The poem was written to John Johnson by C.C. Webster '15. A picture of John Johnson is included above the poem.


Virginia Baptist Historical Society
Richmond, Virginia




Campbell Crochiere




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