Race & Racism at the University of Richmond

Race & Racism at the University of the Richmond is an interdisciplinary, community-based project providing online access to selected archival resources housed at Virginia Baptist Historical Society, Rare Books & Special Collections at the University of Richmond, and The Collegian Newspaper Archive. This site was formerly titled "Digital Memory & the Archive," after the University of Richmond classes tasked with building content for this site. This site is home to those class collections, exhibits, podcasts, and resources. Additional information about the Project, programming, and related work can be found on the Project blog.

Recently Added Items

Letter to the Editor "Collegian Forum: Visitation Loophole"


This letter to the editor written by Richmond College sophomore David Burns outlines Burns' argument for the removal of dormitory visitation codes. At…

Article "Anita Bryant to Appear Here At Request of Area Baptists"


This article desribes the process through which Anita Bryant, a singer and opponent of civil rights for LGBTQ individuals, was invited to the Robins…

Feature "That's What You Think: What do you think about race relations at UR?"


This feature includes responses from five University of Richmond students to the question "What do you think about race relations at UR?" From their…