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About - Spring 2017

Spring 2017 Contributing Students

Tawny Anderson is a double major in Rhetoric & Communication Studies and Religious Studies. She graduates in May 2017. She is from Aurora, Colorado. Tawny loved that this course confronted the paradox of the thought that all "people are equal" but the archival manifestation of only some being being "worth remembering." 

Taylor Block is a junior from Needham, MA. She is a Rhetoric & Communications major. Taylor stated that the most interesting part of this project was getting to work with The Collegian archives, and learning about race relations in the early 1940s. 

Aisling Gorman is a senior from Hamilton Parish, Bermuda, pursuing a major in Rhetoric & Communications Studies, with a double minor in Anthropology and Sociology. Her biggest takeaway from working on this project, and specifically on past policy at the University of Richmond, is the need to pay closer attention to unquestioned policy, as its implications might reach further than initially apparent.

Joshua Hasulchan Kim is from Colonial Heights, Virginia. He is a sophomore at the University of Richmond who is double majoring in Journalism and French. Joshua is involved in various clubs on campus: He is the co-president of Block Crew dance crew, the opinions editor for the Collegian newspaper, and is the Co-Director of Operations for the Multicultural Lounge Building Committee. Josh's biggest takeaway was that there are so many more stories within the archives to explore and that there is so much work left to do. 

Cassidy Lowther is a senior from Riverside, Connecticut majoring in Rhetoric & Communication Studies. This is her second semester working on the Race & Racism at UR Project, and to date, her biggest takeaway has been the significance of the initiative's mission in bringing about the untold history of race and racism at the University.

Vishwesh Mehta is a rising senior majoring in Rhetoric & Communications Studies. He began at the University of Richmond as a junior transfer student from Middlesex County College, NJ in 2016. Graduating with the Class of 2018, Vishwesh is originally from India but has been living in United States for the past 2 years. He is excited to continue his work on the project over the summer as an intern.

Destiny Riley is a sophomore from Maumelle, Arkansas majoring in Rhetoric & Communication Studies and minoring in Sociology. She believes this project taught her great research and analysis methods that will be helpful to apply not only to her life as a college student, but also to her future endeavors. The most interesting part of this project for her was making connections between the ways that the University viewed race in the early to mid-20th century versus how the University views race now.