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divURse: A Black Student Experience by Abby Muthoni '19

DivURse: A Black Student Experience is a student-made short film about what life has been like as a black student at the University of Richmond. This film tells the stories of the first black students and current students now. Their stories share similarities. Students have faced similar issues of exclusion and loneliness but they have also faced triumphs. The experiences of these black students are just as diverse as they are.

Abigael Muthoni is from Nairobi, Kenya and resides in Richmond, Virginia. Abby graduated from the University of Richmond in 2019 with degrees in Journalism and Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. DivURse: A Black Student Experience is Abby’s first film. Her courses as an undergrad, especially documentary journalism, helped Abby prepare for the production of her film. This film wouldn’t have happened without the support of UR faculty and alums.

Written, Directed and Produced by Abby Muthoni
Narrated by Jeff Lowe
Yearbook Images Sourced from UR Scholarship Respository
Research Sourced from UR Race and Racism Project
Executive Producers Jeremy Cairo and Jonathan Coffey
Producers Jacob Taylor, Jasmine Fernadez and Jada Frazier
Edited by Abby Muthoni and Jeremy Cairo
Director of Photography Jeremy Cairo
Art Direction Jonathan Coffey
Edited and Filmed on location at the University of Richmond in Richmond, VA