Race & Racism at the University of Richmond

Chinese Student Experience

During the early twentieth century, Chinese students, mostly from Canton, China, came to the University of Richmond as members of the Baptist Ministry, which founded by the University in 1830. In the early 20th century, American missionaries were going overseas to China to spread the Christian faith. Chinese students arrived to the University as Baptists joining a larger Christian community in addition to receiving an American education. Many of the Chinese students from both Richmond and Westhampton College were active members of the University community. This exhibit analyzes primary texts including written works of Chinese students attending the University, photos, documents, clubs and activities, and writing reflecting white students' imaginings of Chinese students. This collection of historical documents and images aims to provide insight into Chinese students' experiences.




Content for this exhibit was written by Alyssa Godley, Scott Shim and Shira Smillie, who are students at the University of Richmond. Exhibited items appear courtesy of The Virginia Baptist Historical Society and The Richmond Collegian Archive.