Race & Racism at the University of Richmond

Chinese Student Written Works

Both Richmond College and Westhampton College Chinese students graduated with degrees from the University of Richmond. This page includes textual works written by the Chinese students, which were found through the University of Richmond’s literary magazine, The Messenger


A poem written by a Chinese student at the Unversity of Richmond who expresses feelings of nostalgia for his home in China.

This poem, by Chack Kwong Wong, describes the poet's longing for home and feeling “alone in this foreign land.” Wong is a native of Canton, China, and he is a member of the Class of 1925. This piece provides insight into the potential feelings and reservations Wong and other Chinese students may have had regarding their new life at the University of Richmond. This poem serves as evidence of a possible sense of isolation or ostracization that was experienced by a Chinese student, for which the reason is unclear.  





These poems, "First Love" and "Crossing," were written by Poon Kant Mok, who wrote two other poems in The Collegian. The poem "Crossing" describes a feeling of homesickness as the narrator travels to a new place. This could potentially be a comparison to Mok's new life at Richmond and could represent his reaction to being immersed in a new community and culture. 

Chinese Student Written Works