University of Richmond Race & Racism Project

Black Studies Program

In 1974, 10 years after the Civil Rights Act was passed, the University of Richmond received two grants from the Grace Foundation, totaling $3,000, to implement a Black Studies program at the University of Richmond. This exhibit page includes a page of over 100 potential courses in Black Studies and correspondances discussing how to allocate funding. While this program never materialized, the University did allocate the funds in a budget to create a Sociology course (323) called “The Black Community in Urban America.” We can see below former president E. Bruce Heilman discussing the importance of having Black Studies courses.

List of Black Studies Courses

List of potential black studies courses

Here, we can see a list of potential black studies courses that could have been offered- there are over 100 potential courses. These include courses in African languages, literature, and African American politics and culture.

Black Studies Program