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Final Proposal and Approval for Sororities

Final proposal to bring sororities to campus + approval by faculty and Board of Trustees

The final push for sororities was spearheaded by various Westhampton College student groups. The resolution was presented to the faculty committee, approved, and then sent to the Board of Trustees, who also approved the chartering of historically white sororities. In tandem with the approval of bringing sororities to campus, the university created the Student Social Life Committee to review various different aspects of social life. The committee presented a report at the end of their review but also hosted a forum for students to express concerns and to ask questions.

Robins School of Business women approved bringing sororities to campus by a 555 to 397 vote.

This article describes the forum that will be hosted by the Student Social Life Committee in order to address any and all student concerns regarding the social life on campus. 

This article summarizes the events of the forum that was hosted by the Student Social Life Committee Many undergraduate students voiced their opinions in favor of bringing sororities to campus.

Sorority rush information

Once sororities were approved for Westhampton College students, plans were immediately organized for the first rush. Many students expressed their positive opinions regarding the establishment of historically white sororities and praised the effort that had gone into getting the faculty, administration, and Board of Trustees approval. Although many applauded the change, there were also many that worried about the future of sororities. The greatest fear was that the sororities would turn out to be harmful to the social scene on campus, similar to the fraternities.

Final Proposal and Approval for Sororities