University of Richmond Race & Racism Project

Racism Against Other Minorities

Phi Kappa Sigma 1948

This text from the Phi Kappa Sigma spread in The Web 1948 describes an "Apache Party"—"With a desire in everyone's mind for something different along the lines of social activity the [Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity] committee for such drafted plans for an 'Apache Party,' and on the night of November 7 the Apaches 'partied.'" The Apache is a catch-all term for culturally related Indigenous tribes in the Southwest United States. 

Pi Kappa Alpha 1968

This photo from the Pi Kappa Alpha spread in The Web 1968 features a fraternity social with a large swastika flag in the background. 

Kappa Sigma 1980

This photo from the Kappa Sigma spread in The Web 1980 features two students who have darkened their faces with makeup, with the student on the left dressed as a Native American with a feather headpiece and face paint.

Rush 1984

This photo of Greek Rush in The Web 1984 features two Sigma Alpha Epsilon brothers at the "annual Kamikaze party" wearing headbands with the Japanese flag on them. Japanese kamikaze pilots made suicidal crashes to destroy enemy targets in World War II, and these pilots often wore headbands known as hachimaki with the Japanese flag on them.

Racism Against Other Minorities