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A photo in the 1981 yearbook displays an unspecified campus event, appearing to take place in the Greek Theater. Two Confederate flags can be seen waving as the crowd cheers.

Kappa Alpha members pose in front of a Confederate flags in the bottom picture on the first page and the center picture of the second page in their 1981 yearbook spread.

In a photo collage from the university-wide picnic, a group of black students are pictured walking in a group.

The 1981 yearbook featured photo collages of different student rooms in each dormitory. In this one of Freeman Hall, a Confederate flag can be seen in the top right photo.

Andrew Young, hosted by Richmond College Student Government Association, the Westhampton College Government Association, and the University Student Union, spoke on November 11th 1980 at the Robins Center, addressing topics such as US Foreign Policy.…
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