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This article in The Collegian describes the dedication of the Margaret E. James Memorial Music Room. Margaret’s father, Dr. James, donated a fully furnished music room to Westhampton College in 1933, in honor of his daughter Margaret James. Dr.…

This article in The Collegian discusses policy at the University of Richmond throughout the 1900's. It discusses policy for both Westhampton College and Richmond College, and lists some of the more interesting or "strange" pieces of campus policy.

This entry in The Messenger discusses some of the rules in Southern women's colleges. The entry suggests that colleges should treat women differently than convents. The entry also says that one look at the rules is enough to show that the whole…

This poem by Ruth Fiske is about her watching Jazz dancing. Jazz is predominantly associated with African-American culture and was established in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Fiske is watching the "wild" intoxicating dance moves. She…
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