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After an interruption in the publication of thee Messenger, this article describes recent articles in thee new publication. One story in the Messenger is called "Cupid Wins- Again" and is described as a "satire on San Francisco negro life".

This article describes the local YMCA creating a program for "students who are facing and attempting to solve problems of the campus, of race, of war, of industry and all manner of pertinent human relationship." The article states, “in seeking a…

This article recognizes John A. Paau, a University senior from Canton (Guangzhou), China, who is the president of the Chinese Club at the time. The article discusses a recent trip Paau took to Philadelphia to talk about Chinese politics. The meeting…

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This is a picture of Kwan Fong Cheung (W'25), a senior at the University of Richmond. Cheung is from Canton (Guangzhou), China and is noted as a "true friend," a "good conversationalist," and "one of Westhampton's best in aesthetic dancing." The…
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