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This page represents the Westhampton Minstrels in the yearbook for 1924. The minstrels put on performances while wearing blackface. Along with the names of the participants, the artist(s) drew the figures in a stick-figure like, especially the feet,…

The page presents the "History of the Minstrel" for the Westhampton campus. It began in 1915-1916 "just for fun." The Minstrel performance, coordinated by the Westhampton senior class, shows the acceptance of minstrelsy and blackface during this time…

This article reported on a blackface minstrel show that was presented by Westhampton College. The article discusses how the proceeds from the show went to aid the Water Pageant. The show consisted of "hearty jokes and songs."

This article is about a concert from the Jasper Hall stringed quartet at Atlee High School, an event organized by a University of Richmond alum Joseph Rotella '22 to raise money for the school's library. The program consisted of "stringed and vocal…

This article is about the Director of Club's decision to replace the Glee Club with the Male Choral Society. The article equates a minstrel performance with "some lighter and more frivolous class of entertainment." A minstrel show is an entertainment…

This article was written about English professor Dr. Grace Landrum’s reading of “Marse Chan,” one of the most famous works of Thomas Nelson Page. “Marse Chan” nostalgically represented the “Old South,” and in…

This notice explains new dining service hours for the campus. The advertisement explains a future Sunday supper cafeteria closure is partly due to the "impossibility of getting colored help without offering some weekly holiday".

This article reviews the Westhampton College Class of 1924’s benefit show “Sophisticated Vaudeville.” In the summary, the author writes that Westhampton students wrote and performed the show. Especially of note is the first act…

This article discusses John Johnson, a black janitor who worked at the University of Richmond for over 40 years. The article starts with John Johnson's pneumonia sickness and recovery. The article then transitions to his failed marriages.
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