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This article from The Richmond Collegian announces the University Carnival, which was to take place in the Millhiser gymnasium at 7:30 PM. The announcement notes that 800 students attended the Carnival in the previous year, and that, as in 1939, the…

This 1939 announcement is for a Westhampton College production of "Gone With the Wind" that will be performed by WC seniors. The announcement details the women that will be playing each role, as well as the extravagance of the stage with a "black…

Photographed by J.W. Buck, this image from the 1897 edition of the yearbook The Spider depicts the cast of the theatrical production "Darkest Africa". A majority of the all-male white cast is in blackface.

This cartoon shows a white ventriloquist agreeing to his sentiment of, "We were all mighty happy until we were interfered with... Weren't we?" with a blackface-wearing ventriloquist's dummy. This refers to forced integration that occurred in public…

The image in the top left of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon photo collage shows fraternity members dressed as Ku Klux Klan members standing around a black man with his neck in a noose at the fraternity lodge. The photo of fraternity members in the top right…

In the second-to-left photo in the bottom row, a Theta Chi fraternity brother can be seen in blackface.

In the bottom left photo on the first page, a woman can be seen in blackface on the 1978 Phi Delta Theta yearbook spread.

This photograph displays Westhampton students, presumably seniors, performing in blackface at an unspecified event.

The bottom right photo on the second page of the 1948 Phi Alpha spread features fraternity members in blackface. The fraternities had recently reopened on campus after World War II.

This article in the Collegian talks about the organization of a minstrel show by the sophomore class of Westhampton College. It further goes on to talk about the people who were in charge of the arrangements, direction, and the acting.
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