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These letters in the Collegian are a response to a prior article by Mr. Williams who stated in his letter that he "was moved" to submit the resolution restricting the singing of "Dixie" by the university band. Mr. Massie said that such a claim was an…

The top left photograph from the "Lifestyles" section of the 1981 yearbook depicts two women sitting in a Gray dorm room, in which, 116 years after the end of the Civil War, walls are decorated with Confederate Flags.
This photo was published in The Web 1974 yearbook. It is a page dedicated to the University of Richmond's fraternities and showcases their different events. In the center photographs, students are gathered together in a field flying a Confederate…
This image found in The Web 1952 is a photo of a song featured on the University Cheerleaders page. The lyrics include, "Win, win, no one can stop the Rebels in the Red and Blue." Rebels is a reference to the Confederate South and once almost became…
This photo was published in The Web 1975 yearbook. It features the University of Richmond's marching band holding up several flags, including the Confederate flag right next to the U.S. flag.
The center photograph from the "Greeks" section of the 1981 yearbook depicts the Kappa Alpha fraternity posing in front of Confederate flags.

These photos from the 1960 yearbook feature "The Web Beauty" Miss Alice Clement and the man who selected her as the most beautiful from a selection of candidates, Mr. Ed Sullivan. Framing the first page and third page is the Confederate Spider…

This section of the 1960 Web exhibits an illustration of the Confederate spider mascot. It has the Confederate flag held high in one of its legs and a degree held high in the other.
The top right photograph was published in The Web 1975 yearbook. It features a group of students at a fraternity social. There is a Confederate flag hanging in the background.

The Administration and Faculty section of the 1960 yearbook shows a cartoon of the Confederate spider. The spider can be seen holding a confederate flag with "U of R" written on its uniform. Similar illustrations can be seen at the beginning of each…
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