Article "Cookie sale held to protest affirmative action policy"

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Article "Cookie sale held to protest affirmative action policy"


This feature was published on February 13, 2003, by The Collegian. This article discusses an event in which the Liberty Society -- a non-partisan student group -- held a bake sale in which they sold cookies, but at different price points in order to make a statement about affirmative action. If you were a white student you were charged $1.00 and if you were an ethnic minority you were charged $0.80; if you signed a petition to get rid of the race check box on the University's application, you received a cookie for free. The article notes that the Liberty Society's main argument was centralized on the University of Michigan's 150 points system in which racial minorities received an automatic 20 points addition to their name. Brian Mazanec, sophomore, stated that it was an "insult" that the University had a race check box on its application and that admissions should be solely merit-based. News anchor Ray Young of WTVR Channel 6 hosted a debate in a University hallway (not specified) and expressed his support of affirmative action, "There are preferences for everything -- race, money, career status, you name it. It's embedded in our culture." It is mentioned that some students were offended by the event. Senior Kara lane said, "I think it's insensitive to bring an outside organization here because it doesn't see the racial dynamics on this campus." The feature ends by promoting an affirmative action forum -- hosted by the College Republicans and Young Democrats -- to be held the following week.



McMullen, Amy. "Cookie sale held to protest affirmative action policy." The University of Richmond Collegian 89, no.18. (February 13, 2003): 1.


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