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Report of the Westhampton Department of Modern Foreign Language

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Report of the Westhampton Department of Modern Foreign Language


Chairman Weaver Marr submitted this annual departmental report to President George Modlin on behalf of the Westhampton College Foreign Language Department on April 19, 1969. He believed that three things from that school year were most notable: because of new foreign language requirements for the beginning and intermediate levels, enrollment had dropped in every language, Westhampton and Richmond College departments were merging at the 300 level for the next year, and finally a lack of Ph.D.'s in the French department. He noted at the end that they could not fill the French positions because the University had turned away a qualified PhD and former student because of "reasons of race (Semitic), and Roman Catholics are automatically disqualified." While the university, founded as a Baptist institution, accepted Jewish and Catholic students, it did not hire faculty from those religious groups, and Marr noted that this practice was affected his ability to fill open positions and recommended that the University stop discriminatory hiring practices. Finally, he believed that since the Richmond College and Westhampton College Foreign Language Departments already act as one department, they should do away with two different administrations for these departments.



Report of the Westhampton Modern Foreign Language Department, 19 April 1969, 6.2.4 box 17 folder 3, University Archives, Virginia Baptist Historical Society.









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