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Letter from T. Justin Moore to Homer A. Holt

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Letter from T. Justin Moore to Homer A. Holt


This document is a letter from T. Justin Moore, a University of Richmond trustee and alumnus, to Homer A. Holt that was sent on December 8, 1955. Moore wrote to Holt regarding the American Law School Association’s discrimination report. University President George M. Modlin attended a meeting of college and university presidents and talked to them about the report: "it was the consensus of opinion that it would be inadvisable for us to undertake to organize a campaign prior to the meeting in Chicago…but that the fourteen Southern Schools now directly affected should have representatives at the meeting and the Deans of the Law Schools should make a vigorous fight on the floor and in personal conferences with other friends in an effort to defeat the resolutions." Moore asked for Holt’s help in defeating the resolutions. He also pointed out that in the Committee report "there will be no way whereby a negro who claims he has been discriminated against can obtain any action from the American Law School Association…unless the Dean of the Law School certifies that the negro was refused admission solely on the basis of race," so if this interpretation was correct, they had a "considerable area in which to operate and yet keep most of the negroes out."


Letter from T. Justin Moore to Homer A. Holt, 8 December 1955, RG 6.2.4 box 22 folder 16, University Archives, Virginia Baptist Historical Society.









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