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Report "B. S. U. Resolution of Purpose on the Issue of Racial Discrimination"

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Report "B. S. U. Resolution of Purpose on the Issue of Racial Discrimination"


This document is a report, "B. S. U. Resolution of Purpose on the Issue of Racial Discrimination," created by the Baptist Student Union (BSU); there are copies of the resolution’s revisions. The first page was ripped and taped back together; it stated the current university policy towards black people—"A negro may be permitted on campus as a laborer or maid or in a capacity of this sort…Under no circumstances can a negro take part in social activities on this campus"—and criticized the policy for not being consistent with Christian beliefs. In the first copy of the resolution, they pledged that they would "eliminate segregation of races, and to alleviate the appalling conditions resulting from it," "renew our spiritual dedication to our Lord, Jesus Christ, and show forth his renewal of spirit in our personal relationship to others, regardless of race or color," "call upon dedicated Christians everywhere to join with us in prayer and concentrated effort for the betterment of race relations," send a copy of the resolution to the President and Board of Trustees, publish the resolution in the Baptist Student magazine and Religious Herald, and keep a copy on file in the permanent record of the university’s Baptist Student Union. In the second copy from 1958, they offered the same resolutions and added that a copy of the resolution would be sent to the State retreat "in support of a similar resolution to be brought before the business session of the retreat." The retreat resolution was included in this document; it acknowledged that racial discrimination exists in American society and that such discrimination does not align with Christian beliefs but many leaders do not know students’ opinions on discrimination. At the retreat, they resolved that "Churches increase their efforts toward teaching brotherly love," "Baptist Assembly Grounds admit all, regardless of race," "all colleges and universities…accept students without regard to race," and "all Christians, especially those in positions of church leadership, be allowed to voice their opinions on racial discrimination." Three newspaper clippings—"Baptist Student Union Plea For UR Integration Disclosed," "Student Plea Linked to Integration Act," "Students Commend Baptist Groups"—were included with these documents; these articles were about the BSU’s resolution and its impact.


Report of B. S. U. Resolution of Purpose on the Issue of Racial Discrimination, 1958, RG 6.2.4 box 29 folder 13, University Archives, Virginia Baptist Historical Society.










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