Letter from W. Carter Younger to Dewey E. Dodds

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Letter from W. Carter Younger to Dewey E. Dodds


This November 2, 1979 letter is from University of Richmond counsel W. Carter Younger to Director of the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) District III Dewey E. Dodds. The letter is in reference to the compliance review conducted the week of May 7, 1979 by the OCR on the University of Richmond graduate and professional schools. In regards to the OCR letters from September 28, 1979 and October 22, 1979, Younger states that the University is in full agreement with the OCR findings on nondiscrimination. Younger, however, disagrees with the OCR's conclusions regarding other conclusions. Younger critiques the OCR's finding of discrimination based on Reuben S. Alley's, "The History of the University of Richmond, 1830-1971," saying that the book was a product of Alley's opinion, and could not be construed as evidence for discrimination practices. Younger also states that the University disagrees with the statistical basis of the University's minority enrollment, as the University is a private institution with a high tuition rate. Recognizing the University's desire for more minority students, Younger addresses several topic areas identified in Dodds's previous letter. Younger notes that the University will develop a more robust recruitment and admissions program plan, take the OCR's offer to assist with financial aid acquisition, log and monitor counseling services, negotiate non-discrimination assurances from employers using the job placement center, and remodel facilities to provide accessibility.


Letter from W. Carter Younger to Dewey E. Dodds, 2 November 1979, RG 6.2.5 Box 25 Folder 5 “U.S. Government - HEW - Civil Rights "Compliance Review" (April 1979), University Archives, Virginia Baptist Historical Society.










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