Letter from Students for a Well-Balanced Campus to E. Bruce Heilman

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Letter from Students for a Well-Balanced Campus to E. Bruce Heilman


In this letter student leaders of campus organizations address President E. Bruce Heilman with concerns that there are few minority students enrolled at the University of Richmond. The students lined out actions that they felt the administration needed to take in order to fix this deficiency. They outlined that there needs to be a commitment to diversified student body needs, a minority recruiter employed by the admissions office, a catalogue that shows commitment to a diversified student body, minority students as recruiters, and participate in a model cities program for underprivileged students in order to reach black high school students.

The organization, Students for a Well-Balanced Campus, noted that the letter originated from their organization which was founded under the YWCA in the fall of 1970 and at the time was under the auspices of the USGA. It noted that the organization had also taken on diversity initiatives including sponsoring a black recruiter, Elizabeth Johnson, from the University of Virginia; sending students to area high schools for recruiting during Christmas vacation 1970-71; participating in Black Students Day in spring 1971; contacting public high schools in Richmond to have UR student representatives talk to high school students; and finally, they participated in "Black Awareness" sessions at Virginia Union University.

The letter was signed by: Ann Freeman; Marion Karow[?], Co-Chairman for Students for a Well-Balanced Campus; Nancy L. Benfield; Harvey Barbe[?], Vice President RC-SGA; Artie Sandler, Pres. RC-SGA; Rachel Prince, YWCA President; Susan Tarlington, Chairman USGA Congress; Gayle Goodson, President-Elected WC CGA; Kam McLain, Vice-President Elect, WC CGA; Steven L. Nock; and Mary Alice Carter, Mortar Board President. The letter was CC'd to The Collegian.


Letter from Students for a Well-Balanced Campus to E. Bruce Heilman, 10 March 1972, RG 6.2.5 Box 25 Folder 4, University Archives, Virginia Baptist Historical Society









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