Letter from Carter Younger to Dewey E. Dodds and Robert E. Harvey

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Letter from Carter Younger to Dewey E. Dodds and Robert E. Harvey


In this letter, W. Carter Younger responds to Dewey Dodds, Director of Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights, regarding the previous correspondence sent to President E. Bruce Heilman. In the latter, Dodds informs the president that there will be an investigation to verify University of Richmond’s compliance to Title IX as a result of a complaint alleging discrimination against sex in athletics. Younger, appointed as legal counsel for the university, replies to Dodds requesting a copy of the complaint in order to “determine the jurisdictional basis for any investigation and have sufficient information to respond appropriately.” Moreover, the counsel stated that the university has the right to not be “harassed or intimidated with the threat of a time consuming and costly investigation based on undisclosed charges by an unidentified person.” Younger mentions there have been three other occasions in a period of two years in which UR had to host inspectors from the Office of Civil Rights, which he claims diverts time and funds from the education of students. One of the team members that led the visitation in 1979 was Cynthia G. Brown, who was principal deputy. Lastly, the counsel concludes the letter by stating that the “investigations are time consuming and particularly burdensome during the spring months”, and because the university is a private institution the costs involved in proceeding with the investigation would have to be added to the “already high tuition”, and therefore, the university objects to follow the demand.



Letter from W. Carter Younger to Dewey E. Dodds, 17 February 1981, RG 6.2.5 Box 25 Folder 8B "U.S. Government - Title IX - HEW (1980-1981)", University Archives, Virginia Baptist Historical Society.









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