Letter from the Eloise Severinson to George M. Modlin

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Letter from the Eloise Severinson to George M. Modlin


This is a letter from Dr. Eloise Severinson, Regional Civil Rights Director, on behalf of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW) to the President of the University of Richmond, George M. Modlin. In the letter, Dr. Severinson discusses how two years have passed since the initial review of the University’s compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and how six months have passed since the “unfortunate interruption” of the University’s re-review (this interruption involved the death of HEW reviewer Cornelius Tarplee who died in a car accident en route to the University of Richmond's review). She states that HEW representatives would like to visit and review the University on August 17, 18, and 19, 1970 if the dates are convenient for President Modlin. In addition to speaking with Modlin, they would specifically like to speak to individuals from Richmond College, Westhampton College, University College (Day and Evening Divisions), Graduate School, School of Business Administration, The T.C. Williams School of Law, and the Summer School. From these schools, they would like to speak to Deans, Directors of Admission, Placement, Counseling, and Testing, Directors of Student Financial Aid, Faculty members from the Master of Science Degree in Education, minority students and student leaders from each of the branch schools and colleges, and the Director of Athletics. They insist on collecting the following information: the racial composition of the student bodies and faculties of the University’s various branches, a list of high schools to be visited by Admission personnel during the 1970-1971 academic year, a list of schools where student teachers and other trainees would be placed, number of students, by race, who had and would receive financial aid, a list of scholarships and donors administered by the various branches of the University, the names and addresses of black athletes contacted and admitted to the University, the names of minority individuals interviewed for teaching and administrative positions, the most recently published University of Richmond Bulletin for each branch, and copies of all forms sent to students by various offices. Mr. David Gerard and Miss Whitney from HEW planned to participate in the re-review.


Letter from Eloise Severinson to George M. Modlin, 31 July 1970, RG 6.2.5 Box 25 Folder 3, University Archives, Virginia Baptist Historical Society.









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