Article "Subsidizing Discrimination"

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Article "Subsidizing Discrimination"


This article is a critique of the Reagan administration regarding two cases where the author believes the president is allowing discrimination. The first case is regarding Bob Jones University in South Carolina and Goldsboro Christian Schools in North Carolina. Both universities are taking steps so that the Supreme Court eliminates the Internal Revenue Service policy. The latter prohibits tax exemptions for institutions that discriminate. Since according to the article, both institutions discriminate against black people, they are faced with the obligation of paying Social Security and federal employment taxes, which are normally relieved by the tax exemptions. The Reagan Administration has taken the school’s side in the issue arguing that “the administration does not have the authority to enforce the rule,” and that “the tax code should not be used to enforce civil-rights laws.” The other case touched upon in the article is that of the University of Richmond, in which the Department of Education has reached out to the institution in order to investigate a complaint regarding sex discrimination in athletics. The writer informs that this institution was: “pouring millions into sports program for men, but almost nothing into sports programs for women.” The university filed a suit against the Education Department in a lower court and according to the author, it has not denied the inequities but argued that “because the federal government did not directly fund the athletic department, the law did not apply.” In this case, the government did not want to appeal, which caused the head of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission, Clarence Pendleton Jr. to write a dissent arguing that the Justice Department’s policy could “reduce the civil-rights protections significantly.”


Article "Subsidizing Discrimination" The Record 13 October 1982, RG 6.2.5 Box 25 Folder 8B "U.S. Government - Title IX - HEW (1980-1981)", University Archives, Virginia Baptist Historical Society.


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