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Article "Senate Asks For Resignation"

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Article "Senate Asks For Resignation"


This article talks about the Richmond College Student Government Association (RCSGA) asking for the resignation of a junior class senator, Stanley Davis, for failing to attend senate meetings. Davis was the first and only black student on the RCSGA. The meeting started with swearing-in ceremonies and later unanimously voted to ask for the resignation of Stanley Davis from the senate. Keith Stafford, the junior class president stated the cause of this move to be the inability of Davis to attend senate meeting because of his job. Davis on the other hand spoke to a Collegian reporter saying that he would not be resigning voluntarily. He also mentioned that his fellow RCSGA members, Artie Sander and Harvey Barker, knew about his job situation and he was in constant touch about the senate meetings through them. Leaving the job was not a option for him. Davis wanted to find middle ground with George Kendall, Aubrey Rosser, and Stafford. Stafford said that he wrote a letter to Davis asking him to attend a meeting. Davis claimed he never got the letter through but it was "thrown" at him by Stafford. In other news, there were five standing and two ad hoc committees created for various purposes like academic affairs, finance and publicity. Mac Keever and Jarman Thigpen were sworn in. The freshman class was allocated fifty dollars for publicity and the senate meeting times were provided for the future.


"Senate Asks For Resignation." The University of Richmond Collegian LX, no. 21, (March 01, 1973): 3.


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