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Article "Title IX Controversy Sparks Mortar Board Forum"

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Article "Title IX Controversy Sparks Mortar Board Forum"


The article described a Mortar Board sponsored forum on Title IX held at the University and indicated that students received few concrete answers due to a pending court decision on whether the University’s athletic programs violated the sex equality law. William Leftwich, Vice President for student affairs and Title IX coordinator, as well as Elaine Yeates, chairman of the Board of Trustees’ Athletic Committee, hesitated to answer questions from female athletes as a result of this pending litigation. Additionally, athletic director Chuck Boone and women’s athletic director Ruth Goehring gave few explicit answers due to an additional pending case between the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women. However, administrators still maintained that progress had been made in the women's athletic department since 1979, citing increased scholarships and athletic success, particularly with the women’s basketball team. Female athletes at the forum pressed administrators on issues of inequalities in athletic budgets, treatment of athletes regarding hotels, transportation, restaurants, and recruiting, as well as the number of available scholarships. Peg Hogan, coach of the women’s swim team and the Aquanettes, suggested that everyday issues such as lack of heating in the Keller Hall locker room and availability of practice times depict inequalities. However, Goering suggested that women were not always worse off than men and in some ways might have been better off: “We have a law that says we must be treated fairly, the men don't.”



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