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Opinion "Kenyan president to stir controversy"

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Opinion "Kenyan president to stir controversy"


This anonymous opinion piece begins by noting that Kenyan President Daniel arap Moi would be speaking at the University of Richmond's commencement, and asks the questions: "Isn't it ironic to have a black head of state at the University of Richmond?" The opinion piece goes on to address how Moi's presence in Richmond was going to bring a lot of publicity that the administration was looking for, but his speech was also going to be beneficial to the graduating students. President Moi being the speaker would also bring awareness to the lack of diversity on campus. The writer says: "How many blacks do you se and what roles do they fill here at this enlightened liberal arts college?" They note that black people on campus could most often be seen in service jobs, and when they were students, they were often student athletes. The writer goes on to ask "Are we a bunch of racists, or, at least, does the Administration carry on racist policies?" Their answer is: "Yes, but our brand of racism is not overt and obnoxious." The writer states that while admissions does not weed out black students, the student population--"upper-middle class, lily-white preppies who have had little contact with non-whites"--has a negative effect on the retention of black students. The writer concludes with a hopeful outlook on President Moi's visit to the campus.


"Kenyan president to stir controversy?" The University of Richmond Collegian 71, no. 16 (February 14, 1985): 4 https://collegian.richmond.edu/cgi-bin/richmond?a=d&d=COL19850214.2.9&srpos=4&e=--1964---1986--en-20--1--txt-txIN-


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