Report "Information for HEW Letter"

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Report "Information for HEW Letter"


This undated administrative report titled “Information for HEW Letter” included a series of numbered paragraphs regarding the recruitment of black students at the University. Though it is uncertain who wrote the report, Dean Grigg and the Senior Counselors of the City Schools are mentioned as having met to discuss the recruitment of black students and a planned visit to the University for all counselors in the Richmond metropolitan area. The report acknowledged that over the summer, there were students involved in the Richmond Community Action Program who were given tours around campus, and that the High School Speech Institute that was held on the University’s campus was accessible to students regardless of race, indicating that “several negro students were included.” The report also mentioned that recruiting information for the University was dispersed to all secondary schools regardless of race. Additionally, the report provides information on the number of black students who applied, were accepted, and were enrolled to a variety of colleges within the University. The report also referenced Dean Overton with respect to plans regarding black teachers at the University, as well as Dean Moncure and Dean F.G. Gayles with respect to recruitment efforts. On the second page of this item, there is an undated handwritten note whose creator is also unknown, though the handwriting resembles other archival material written by President Modlin.


Report “Information for HEW Letter”, undated, RG 6.2.5 Box 25 Folder 1, University Archives, Virginia Baptist Historical Society.









Richmond (Va.)

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“Report "Information for HEW Letter",” University of Richmond Race & Racism Project, accessed April 24, 2024,