Letter from James A. Moncure to George M. Modlin

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Letter from James A. Moncure to George M. Modlin


This August 19, 1968, letter is from James A. Moncure, the Dean of University College, the downtown division of the University of Richmond. The letter is addressed to Dr. George M. Modlin, then President of the University of Richmond. Moncure writes that as per the last meeting of the deans, and President Modlin’s suggestion that there might be a way to develop a relationship between the University of Richmond and Virginia Union University, that there should be a committee established to investigate this opportunity. Moncure believes there could be several advantages and disadvantages to this possible union, and that a committee would be best able to summarize its findings for the administration. Moncure suggests several possible avenues of joint cooperation, including joint faculty appointments, exchange lectureships, cultural projects, and joint evening programs in some areas. After learning from Dean Gayles that Virginia Union plans to discontinue its evening program, Moncure even suggests the idea of allowing “Negro” professors from Virginia Union to teach single classes in the University of Richmond’s evening program. The letter ends by asking for President Modlin’s approval to move forward with this committee plan.


Letter from James A. Moncure to George M. Modlin, 19 August 1968, RG 6.2.5 Box 25 Folder 1 "US Government: "Civil Rights" HEW 1968 and 1969," University Archives, Virginia Baptist Historical Society.









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