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Article "Spider Symbol Studied"

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Article "Spider Symbol Studied"


This article reports that the University Student Government Association (USGA) was hoping that the majority of University of Richmond students and employees would approve a new version of the spider mascot, who at the time had been wearing a Confederate uniform since 1948. The new mascot was pictured above the article and described as "a fierce little character with chubby cheeks, a scowl, and two antennas." Ellen Haden was the chair of the USGA Spider Symbol Committee, and is quoted in the article stating "(Ralph) Mayo had designed the first Spider (the one in a Confederate uniform) but it's not an official one because no on approved it, and approval is what we're seeking now." The modern look of the new symbol was meant to "keep up with the new image of the University." The new symbol was designed by Bill Nelson, an illustrator for the Richmond Mercury. If approved, the symbol would go on the floor of the Robins Center arena, as well as on stationary, mugs, and book covers. The project to change the mascot was started the previous year by USGA chair Gaston Williams. Haden was working with Jon Poston and Jim Landrigan, and they were seeking feedback.


"Spider Symbol Studied." The University of Richmond Collegian 61, no. 13 (November 29, 1973): 1. https://collegian.richmond.edu/?a=d&d=COL19731129.2.4&srpos=6&e=-------en-20--1--txt-txIN-


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