Article "Decision Endangers University ROTC: ROTC Should Continue, University Students Say"

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Article "Decision Endangers University ROTC: ROTC Should Continue, University Students Say"


This article addresses the threat posed to the further existence of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) at the University of Richmond due to the university's non-compliance with integration. As the top of the article, the Collegian editor includes the following information: "Last week a special seven page directive, requiring all ROTC schools to integrate their military programs by 1965, was released by the Secretary of the Army Stephen Ailes. Since this executive order applies to all schools, the University is now faced with the question of how valuable is its Reserve Officers Traning Corp program. The matter of integration must be decided by the Board of Trustees of the University. The Board of Trustees will meet next in June. The question may be brought up then." Collegian writer Edwards goes on to explain that the "over-all opinion of University that the school should continue its present program and integrate the school." Students quoted in the article include Dick Peterson, Richard Paulette, Jim Clark, Richard Sinclair, Bruce Bryan, and Ronnie May. The students quoted supported the continuation of the ROTC even if it meant integration. Richard Sinclair is noted as saying he "felt the Negroes are just as qualified to participate in the program as the white students." Several students noted their discomfort with integration being "forced" to integrate by the federal government. Bruce Bryan is quoted: "I don't think, however, that the government should interfere with a private institution."

Colonel Glenn L. Shivel of the ROTC department said that he had mixed emotions over the situation, that those in the department "hate to be used as a wedge or blackjack," and is quoted as saying that "education is marching on and the University of Richmond should keep abreast of the times." The article notes that the faculty committee met to study the developments, but that their recommendations would have little effect. The Virginia General Association of Baptists would meet in November, and they were the group that chose Board of Trustees members. 

At the time, the only divison of the University of Richmond that had integrated courses was University College. After the publication of this article, the Board of Trustees met in June and approved an open admissions policy for the University of Richmond. No black students would be enrolled in classes outside of University College until the Fall of 1968.



Edwards, Mac. "Decision Endangers University ROTC: ROTC Should Continue, University Students Say." The University of Richmond Collegian LII, no. 29 (May 14, 1965): 1.


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