Race & Racism at the University of Richmond

Editorial "Black and White"

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Editorial "Black and White"


This Collegian editorial reflects upon the integration of the University of Richmond's main campus. Although black students had been accepted into the university in previous years, the editorial noted that there were five full-time black students enrolled. The editorial acknowledges the pressure placed on the university by the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW) and expressed a desire for the university to integrate its faculty soon. The editorial notes that Virginia Union University expressed interest in working with the University of Richmond in a faculty exchange program, similar to a program set up with Randolph-Macon College. The editorial expressed support for more complete integration of the university, acknowledging that University of Richmond students tend to have limited contact with people of color. The editorial noted student interactions with black staff on campus, specifically maids, cooks, and groundskeepers. There is an accompanying cartoon. The drawing by Collegian illustrator Richard Herschaft depicting a beacker being filled from two sources. The beaker is labeled "U of R Faculty" and the two source containers are labeled "Instructors." One source container contains black circular objects, the other white. They are being funneled into the "U of R Faculty" beaker, creating a mix of black and white objects. Two hands allow for the beads to drop from the source containers in the beaker.


"Black and White." The University of Richmond Collegian LVI, no. 1, (September 20, 1968): 2. http://collegian.richmond.edu/cgi-bin/richmond?a=d&d=COL19680920.2.6&srpos=11&e=------196-en-20--1--txt-txIN


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