Article "Commission on Diversity views campus racial issues"

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Article "Commission on Diversity views campus racial issues"


This University of Richmond Collegian article describes a Commission on Diversity spearheaded by University President Richard L. Morrill that intends to address “the problem of the minority experience” on campus. The article begins with a description of a racist incident against a Black female student which occurred in a University class just three years prior to the publication of this article. The commission will not only address the racism Black students experience in the classroom, but also how students treat University employees in the dormitories and dining hall, who are largely people of color. At the time of this article, there were 84 Black students, 40 non-Black students of color, and 15 international students in an undergraduate class of 2,700, with less than 10 Black faculty members. The University’s plan is to “double the number of minority and international students currently enrolled within five years and there will also be a concerted effort to increase black faculty.” Curriculum changes such as adding African literature, Black American literature and a multicultural course along with teaching the Western Civilization history course are also in the works. Pam Johnson, a member of the Multicultural Student Union (MSU) and president of Women Involved in Living and Learning (WILL), said Black fraternities and sororities would help convince Black students to attend the University of Richmond. Dean of faculty David Leary adds that Americans in general need to understand that the reason for bring minority students to predominantly white institutions is to give them an opportunity.



Kendall, Kevin. "Commission on Diversity views campus racial issues". The University of Richmond Collegian 76, no. 22, (March 29, 1990): 1.


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Richmond (Va.)

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Kendall, Kevin, “Article "Commission on Diversity views campus racial issues",” University of Richmond Race & Racism Project, accessed April 18, 2024,