Artice "Lambda members, roommates, confront sexuality"

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Artice "Lambda members, roommates, confront sexuality"


This 1991 Collegian article discusses the Lambda Coalition, a group on campus created to support LGBTQ+ individuals. It is named the Lambda Coalition as the lambda symbol is a recognized symbol of queer activism by the Gay Activist Alliance in New York City. The main focus of this article was interviewing roommates and close friends of gay, bisexual, and lesbian students on campus to see how they dealt with their friend's sexuality. The first story is of close friends and roommates Caroline and Faye. Caroline told Faye that she was a lesbian, and Faye states that, "You can say all you want about being open minded, but until you put it to the test you really don't know." Faye had various questions running through her mind, wondering why her friend did not tell her sooner, why she was saying this, if Caroline was attracted to her and so on. She even states that she felt as though her "heterosexuality was being tested," and that "homophobia is a lot of fear of finding homophobia in yourself." When Faye talked about it with her mother, her mother's largest concern was if Caroline could 'turn' Faye into a lesbian. The article explains that there is no scientific evidence of a person being 'turned' to homosexuality, and that often it simply makes one question their own sexuality. Faye eventually came to terms with Caroline's sexuality, and she states that they remain close friends. Robert, a roomate and friend of Richard, who is bisexual states that, "It doesn't seem to me that sexual habits should determine how people relate to each other." Robert also says after meeting Richard he became more conscious of using derogatory gay slurs in his conversations. Joseph, a senior, who is a gay man, explained how many heterosexual couples do deviant things behind closed doors, and that people should mind their own business when it comes to the bedroom. The article ends with Faye's experience of being taken to a lesbian bar by Caroline, and realizing that "intimacy is intimacy, no matter who the people are."



Kendall, Kevin. "Lambda members, roommates, confront sexuality." The University of Richmond Collegian 77, no. 17, (February 14, 1991): 8.


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Kendall, Kevin, “Artice "Lambda members, roommates, confront sexuality",” University of Richmond Race & Racism Project, accessed June 15, 2024,