Editorial "Segregation Policy Hinders Hospitality"

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Editorial "Segregation Policy Hinders Hospitality"


This Collegian editorial discusses the complex nature of segregation at the University of Richmond in 1958. Focusing specifically on a student from Nigeria visiting campus to speak at the Baptist Student Union's annual mission event, the editorial touches briefly on her moving speech and how traditionally such visiting speakers would be invited to have dinner in the school's dining halls. However, because the speaker was black, this courtesy was not extended to her due to the administration's segregation policies. The writer states: "It is understood that the trustees have ruled that segregation of the Negroid and Caucasian races shall be maintained at the University of Richmond." While a fair amount of background as to the existing circumstances that likely influenced the school's actions are provided, the editorial board's disapproval and disgust are made clear. After taking the time to discuss some of the specific stipulations of such policy--including that black guests are only allowed on campus with permission of the president and only to speak, sing, be on panels, or play music for entertainment--the editorial then connects the practice of segregation enacted by the university to the issue of race relations at large. The editorial describes the place of black individuals in society at the time as "that of a slave," saying, "we can have limited association with him as long as it does not make him aware that he is our equal." The editorial ends with a sentence asking "you," the white viewership of the university, to imagine how they would feel if they were denied permission to eat in the dining hall because their race was considered "some lower form of life."


"Segregation Policy Hinders Hospitality." The Richmond Collegian XLV, no. 22, (March 21, 1958): 2. http://collegian.richmond.edu/cgi-bin/richmond?a=d&d=COL19580321.2.10&srpos=1&e=-------en-20--1--txt-txIN#


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