Article "As Others See Us"

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Article "As Others See Us"
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This article showcases the work of University of Richmond alum A. E. Dick Howard (RC '54). At the time, Howard was preparing for a career in law at the University of Virginia, prior to which he spent time studying philosophy, politics, and economics. Howard discusses an assertion made by an Oxford graduate: "If we were going to boycott South African goods, then we should boycott goods made in the Southern States of America, for the Negro there is as oppressed as in South Africa." Howard argues that even if nations show an interest in and affection for America, it does not prevent misconceptions, stating, "if America is to win the battle for men's minds, it has a major public relations job to do." Howard argues Americans who travel overseas must make use of the opportunity to build "an image of an America in which 'inalienable rights' are more than a phrase and 'In God, we trust' is more than an inscription on a coin." The article seems to indicate a friendship between Howard and alum George Mitchell (RC '23).


Alumni Bulletin, As Others See Us, 1961, p. 9-10


Winter 1961





Virginia Baptist Historical Society

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